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If you need to check or modify the role of a Transaction Manager user...

Under the Transaction Manager flyout menu, click Administration, and then select User Administration.

In this view, you can see the role of each user under the Role Type column, and update each user's role under the Role dropdown. Note: Users created in TrueCommerce Customer Center are, by default, given administrator privileges.

The following options are available in the Role dropdown:


This profile has complete access to all of the Transaction Manager features and privileges.


This profile has access to all of the Transaction Manager features except Data Setup, System Setup and Permission Setup.


This type of profile is customizable by selecting any combination of the checkboxes in the Permissions area.

Choose from the following permissions:

Get Transactions

Send Transactions

This profile can send transaction data from Transaction Manager to the Trading Partner network connection.

Import Transactions

This profile can import transactions to the Outbox from a flat file or business system.

Export Transactions

This profile can export transactions from the Inbox to a flat file or business system.

Generate Labels

This profile can configure and create UCC-128 labels and packing lists.

Create/Edit Transactions

This profile can edit and create outbound documents manually.

Transaction Turnaround

This profile can create outbound documents from inbound document data.

Delete Transactions

This profile can permanently delete inbound and outbound transactions.

Data Setup

This profile has access to Reporting, Logging, and Transaction detail review only.

System Setup

This profile has access to Trading Partner-level setup but not Global BSP Setup (BSP Configuration requires Admin permissions)

Permissions Setup

This profile can configure User Administration and User Permissions.

Reports Setup

This profile can create, edit, and schedule reports.

Note: If you don't see a user in this section, they will need to be added to the Customer Center.

The following guide is also available: User Roles and Permissions in Transaction Manager.

rev: 7/30/21

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