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Transaction Manager uses a direct framework connection to communicate with QuickBooks. However, in order for Transaction Manager to be able to send or receive data to/from QuickBooks, permissions must be granted by QuickBooks through the use of a Certification. A Certificate is a common type of security measure used by programs to determine whether or not a particular external source (Transaction Manager) is granted access to company information - QuickBook uses this to determine whether or not things such as customer, transaction, and item information should be shared. 

Without this connection you will be unable to Import/Export, or perform an Item/Partner Sync. 

To Add the TrueCommerce Certificate:

Step 1 : Launch QuickBooks into Single-User Mode

When logged into Single-User Mode with Administrator Credentials, you are opening the company file to modification. This is required to grant permissions to QuickBooks for Transaction Manager.

Please note: You will need administrator privileges for this and this will log off all other users.

 File -> Switch to Single-User Mode

Step 2 : Perform an Export/Import from Transaction Manager

Once inside QuickBooks under Single-User Mode and with Administrator privileges, any attempt to connect to QuickBooks from Transaction Manager will prompt QuickBooks for permission. Simply perform either an Export or an Import from Transaction Manager to initiate this.

  • Navigate to the Outbox.

  • Select a transaction that would normally go into QuickBooks.

  • Press the Export button.

Step 3 : Certification Prompt

After an attempt to perform an Export/Import from Transaction Manager, you will need to switch back to QuickBooks where you will find a new prompt from the system asking if you would like to grant permission to access your currently open company file. Since Transaction Manager by default only tries to interact with the currently open Company file, the following settings are recommended for your certificate:

  • Yes, whenever this Quickbooks company file is open

  • Allow this application to access personal data (unchecked)

  • Select Continue to complete the process


You will now be able to access the company file through Transaction Manager, and you may switch back to Multi-User mode.

rev: 7/27/22

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