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Are you building an ASN and not getting the right amount of cartons? Trying to print labels and not getting the right amount? Are you packing the the same item type into one carton? You'll need to set the Max #!

The Max # function in your Item Catalog will calculate the cartons in an ASN. This is done when the ASN is created by Turnaround, and when the cartons are PURE cartons. A PURE carton contains only one item type or SKU.

For example, if a Purchase Order is asking for 24 apples, and only 6 apples fit into a carton, the Max # will be 6. The ASN created by turnaround would generate 4 pack levels, or cartons, under the Shipment Details tab of the ASN, each of which containing 6 apples at the item level.

To create multiple cartons for the same item:

  1. Go to your Item Catalog for your Trading Partner.

  2. Locate the Max # column. Enter the maximum number of items that can fit into one container.

  3. Click Save in the Action Bar.

If you've already created an ASN, you'll need to create a new one to reflect the update made to your Item Catalog.

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rev: 11/8/21

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