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  1. Military Shipments must be addressed properly. Sometimes the TC validation tool may not validate the package despite an appropriate military shipping address. This does not mean that the address is not valid. If the shipment is addressed properly, it should ship without an issue. Review the following excerpt from the USPS website:

Address Standards

Overseas military addresses must conform to domestic addressing standards. For additional information, visit the Addressing Military & Diplomatic Mail.

The delivery line (the second line from the bottom in the address) must show the word “UNIT”, “CMR” (Community Mail Room), or “PSC” (Postal Service Center) and number; and box number assigned.

  • The last line must contain the APO or FPO designation, the appropriate two-letter "state" abbreviation, (AA, AE, or AP) followed by the ZIP+4 or five-digit ZIP Code (when applicable "United States" or "USA" would be the country name utilized).

  • "AA" (ArmedForces of the Americas) replaces the previous designation of Miami (340).

  • "AE" (ArmedForces of Europe) replaces the previous designation of New York (090-098).

  • "AP" (ArmedForces of the Pacific) replaces the previous designation of San Francisco (962-966). 

The Department of Defense (DOD) has requested that those who send mail use the service member’s full name (with or without grade, rank, etc.), or a specific title (e.g., Commanding Officer, Supply Officer, etc.). Also required is the unit designation and APO/FPO (Air/Army Post Office™ or Fleet Post Office) information with the nine-digit ZIP Code™ (if one is assigned) and a return street name/number, city, state, and ZIP Code.  For parcels, mailers are asked to write on one side only with the recipient’s information in the lower right portion. Note: Do not include the country or the base camp’s city, as it might be routed through the host country’s mail system.

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