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OneTime is a TrueCommerce EDI solution that is both a supplier and customer facing enablement portal.

TrueCommerce OneTime is a Complete Service to manage the Assured Delivery of Transactional Electronic Business Documents between Customers and Suppliers, in a way that is Supportive to the Recipient. The OneTime Platform is the application software that supports the TrueCommerce service.

The Complete Service starts with understanding your requirements, developing maps to convert documents or messages from the format used by you to the format that is used by your Suppliers, verifying integration with your business systems, and Supplier onboarding. The service extends to the proactive day-to-day support of the service.

Assured Delivery means that we have the people and technology to monitor the flow of messages between businesses, and the diagnostic tools to take early corrective action should issues arise!

Transactional Electronic Business Documents include any document required to support workflow between businesses, with the document in a structured format that can be read by computer systems, such as Purchase Orders, Shipments, and Invoices.

Supportive to the Recipient means that messages are converted to the preferred format; that information, such as item codes, is translated between those used by the sender and those used by the recipient. The result is a message that can be imported to the target business system without the need for human intervention!

For more information, please contact your account manager or TrueCommerce Support!

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