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TrueCommerce offers a LogMeIn Calling Card application that can be installed locally on your environment(s) to easily request remote assistance with our technicians.

This service is not offered to every product TrueCommerce supports, as the majority of our platforms are cloud-based which requires no local remote assistance tools being installed.

The installation of this tool simply allows you to bypass going to to initiate a remote session and it is not necessary to allow remote support, it just helps to simplify the process.

Do I need this calling card installed?
If our team did not offer to install this tool the answer is most likely a no.  However, if you have local software that you often find yourself in need of having remote support with, this is a great tool.

How do I get this tool installed?
Ask the TrueCommerce support team to install the calling card on your system.  This has to be deployed by a technician who is actively in a remote session with you.

How do I use the calling card?
Once the calling card is installed, you can follow the following steps to initiate the tool:

  1. Go to your Start Menu in Windows

  2. Search for the key words Calling Card

  3. Select the application TrueCommerce - Rescue Calling Card

  4. The calling card will load, presenting you with a form to fill out to request support (as shown below).

  5. Fill in your information and press Connect to initiate.

An alternative method to use the calling card is via a PIN that the team provides.  To use the PIN option, click on the Connection menu item and select Connect Using Pin Code.  Enter the 6 digit code provided by the technician to directly connect to that support member.

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