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The GTIN is an umbrella term that refers to the entire family of UCC.EAN data structures. The GTIN is used within barcodes to help identify a product or shipment. The structure contains a company prefix, an item reference, and a calculated check digit, and depending on the format, can be 8, 12, 13, 14 or 18 digits in length.

The TrueCommerce Labeling Utility can be used to print UCC-128 labels. The barcode of the UCC-128 label contains the SSCC-18 or GTIN-18, and can be configured within Transaction Manager at the Trading Partner level.

To update the Extension, Company #, and/or Next Serial #:

  1. Navigate to the Trading Partner record for the partner you're working with.

  2. In the Action Bar, click Labels and then select UCC-128.


The company prefix, or GS1, is typically the first five to nine digits of the item UPCs, and is entered in the Company # field in the screenshot above.


The GLN, or Global Location Number, is part of the GS1. This value is not maintained or administered by TrueCommerce. The GLN is administered by GS1.

In this example from, you can see the structure of the SSCC-18. Once the Company # is added to the Label setup, Transaction Manager will automatically generate the other values, though they can be modified if need be.

Need to obtain your GS1 prefix? Check out this website for reference:

Did you know that TrueCommerce Foundry can provide step-by-step guidance for label setup?

To start, click the Help Icon, select Guided Tutorials, and search for the “Basic Label Setup” tutorial!

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