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Note: If neither of these errors look familiar, check out the article Common Item Errors in Transaction Manager for additional guidance!

"There was an error when converting the price ‘Infinity’ in the field ‘Rate’".

This is very common! This error happens when the Conversion Factor Export Table is being used to convert either eaches to cases or vice versa, but there are items on the Purchase Order that are not populated in the table.

Access the Conversion Factor Export Table from the Trading Partner record. Click Translations in the Action Bar and click Lookups. Select Conversion Factor Export from the dropdown and check that the columns are filled out with the correct item information.

“There was an error when converting the quantity ‘Infinity’ in the field ‘Quantity’”

This error means that the Conversion Factor Import/Export did not find a matching item within the table. When this happens, the conversion factor tries to divide by 0 (Quantity / 0 = INFINITY).

Make sure that the Conversion Factor Table has been enabled. From the partner record, click Translations in the Action Bar and select Defaults. Locate Conversion Factor Export/Import ID in the list of defaults (example below).

Next, locate the conversion table by clicking Lookups under Translations in the Action Bar. Add the missing item inside the appropriate Conversion Factor Table (Import or Export respectively). In the example below, you can see that value 123, which is being sent in the Purchase Order, is missing from the conversion table. This would need to be added to the table.

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