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Transaction Manager: How do I send an Inventory Inquiry/Advice?
Transaction Manager: How do I send an Inventory Inquiry/Advice?
Check out this article for details regarding the EDI 846 Inventory Advice.
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Some Trading Partners require an 846 document, while others make it optional. Either way, the 846 Inventory Advice can help you communicate your inventory information to your Trading Partner from the comfort of Transaction Manager.

How do I manually create an Inventory Inquiry/Advice using Transaction Manager in the Foundry Platform?

Check out this article for steps on how to create an Inventory Inquiry/Advice from scratch. Note: You must send at least one inventory item by clicking Add at the top of the page (when creating the 846 manually), along with filling in the red mandatory fields.

For step-by-step guidance, check out the "Manually Create an 846/Inventory" tutorial under Guided Tutorials in Foundry!

Can I create an Inventory Inquiry/Advice by Turnaround?

Yes! You can select a Purchase Order from your Trading Partner and click Turnaround. Select Inventory Inquiry/Advice from the list of transactions. The transaction will then be in your Outbox. Proceed with completing the item information and red mandatory fields.

What if I don’t want to manually create the Inventory Inquiry/Advice every time?

This is completely understandable, especially if you have a large amount of items in your inventory. You have the option to add the 846 import function to your account, which would allow you to update a file as needed and import it into Transaction Manager to create the Inventory Inquiry/Advice. This would cut down on manual entry and save time! Contact your Account Manager or our Support Team for more information.

Not sure who your Account Manager is? Click the Navigation Icon menu in the upper left hand corner of Foundry, and in the flyout menu, click Account Management. Click Account Overview. Your Account Manager and their contact information will be listed in the main view.

Legacy TM Users and Customer Center users, click here.

rev: 2/23/22

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