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TrueCommerce Support often receives calls and e-mails about being unable to log into the TrueCommerce Foundry suite because a maximum number of users are already signed in. This includes receiving the following error:

Error Message: Unable to register session for application

First, try closing out of that browser, re-opening it and logging in again.

If that doesn't work, you may be receiving this error if you don't have enough licenses. If you are currently limited to a single concurrent user license and often have more than one user trying to sign in, your best bet is to contact your Account Manager and ask about purchasing more concurrent user licenses.

However, if you already have a good amount of active licenses but still find yourself hitting the max, the issue may be that users are not properly signing off.

Often times users just close their browser window and never formally log off. This means their session remains active for an extended period of time before it is automatically logged out.

To resolve this, we recommend users log off by using the appropriate logout option under their username. See instructions below.

Click the user icon in the upper right hand corner. Select Logout at the bottom of this window.

Wait for the confirmation prompt ad select Logout to confirm that you wish to logout.

Help! One of my coworkers left for the day and they're still logged in.
The TrueCommerce support team can forcefully log out a user. Contact our support team to have a support member log out the signed in user.

NOTE: Forcefully signing out a user could cause them to lose any unsaved work. Please verify with your coworker before contacting TrueCommerce support.

Legacy TM Users and Customer Center users, click here.

rev: 2/22/22

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