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On August 30th, 2018, TrueCommerce began adding the framework for our new customer service tool called the Support Center and you have the opportunity to see us grow this tool in real-time, as well as give us feedback on what you like or don't like.

The TrueCommerce Support Center can be launched from our Help Menu inside of the TrueCommerce Foundry Suite, as shown below.

The Support Center will launch within TrueCommerce Foundry and will present a list of applications that are there to help you. This list shown below is what is actively inside of the Support Center and what we are working to add in the near future. Let us know what you think!

Understanding what is inside our Support Center.

When you launch the Support Center, you'll be presented with a few applications. Our New Conversation card will be present if you are a Platinum Support customer, which comes with live chat support in our application. Simply clicking on the New Conversation will enable you to speak to our teams in real-time!

We also embedded our Help Center Documents as a live help document search within our product. This database is growing as we speak, so if you have topics you really want to find answers on, just let us know!

Live Status Monitor is also included to help you see if we're experiencing any system issues, if there have been or are currently any outages, and check on scheduled maintenance.

What is coming up?

Please be aware that throughout 2021, there will be a slow rollout to the Account Management Portal, which will replace the Customer Center. You can still access and utilize the Customer Center in the meantime. TrueCommerce will formally announce when the Customer Center will be retired. Learn more about AMP here!

For more information about contacting Support and getting help, check out this article.

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