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Note: All support cases are managed via the Account Management Portal.

The Support Center within the Foundry platform is the "front door" for customers seeking help. Within the Support Center, you can seek assistance in "real time".

The TrueCommerce Support Center can be launched from our Help Menu inside of the TrueCommerce Foundry Suite, as shown below.

Understanding what is inside our Support Center.

When you launch the Support Center, you'll be presented with a few options. If you have a question for our Support team, clicking Ask a question will take you through some basic prompts to help you find the answer you need, utilizing the articles within our Help Center.

We also embedded our Help Articles as a live help document search within our product. This database is growing as we speak, so if you have topics you really want to find answers on, just let us know!

Live Status Monitor is also included to help you see if we're experiencing any system issues, if there have been or are currently any outages, and check on scheduled maintenance.

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