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The Inbox is where you will receive any incoming transactions. For instance, if your Trading Partner sends you a Purchase Order, you will receive it in your Inbox. Certain actions can be taken in the Inbox, such as performing a Turnaround, Exporting a transaction or printing a packing list for those that own the TrueCommerce Packing List Solution. Subfolders can be created within the Inbox to keep your transactions organized.


Any time an action is taken with a transaction in your Inbox, that transaction would be automatically moved to your Received folder. For example, if you perform a Turnaround on a Purchase Order in your Inbox, the Purchase Order would then be found in your Received folder. Actions that can be taken in the Received folder include performing a Turnaround, moving transactions back to the Inbox, and printing packing lists for those that own the TrueCommerce Packing List Solution. Subfolders can be created within the Received folder to keep your transactions organized.


The Outbox contains transactions that you intend to send to your Trading Partner. Outgoing transactions appear in the Outbox if a Turnaround is performed from a transaction in either your Inbox or Received folders OR if a transaction is imported from your business system to Transaction Manager. Transactions in the Outbox can be edited.


Any transaction that was sent to your Trading Partner will appear in the Sent folder. These transactions can be moved from the Sent folder to the Outbox if any edits need to be made. This folder also contains the Date Ack column where you can verify if the Trading Partner received your transaction.


Any transaction that has been deleted will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. Transactions in this folder can be restored.


The Search function allows you to search for transactions using specific parameters. Check out this article for more information on finding and search for transactions in Foundry.


The options in the Action Bar dropdowns are the same for the Inbox and Received folders, and the same for the Outbox and Sent folders. Any action you'll need to take with your transactions will be found in the Action Bar (right clicking is not an option in this platform). The transaction needs to be selected in order for the Action Bar dropdown option to be available.

For example, if you want to move a transaction from your Inbox to your Received folder, select the transaction. Click Options in the Action Bar, and click Moved to Received.

rev: 5/25/21

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