Transaction Manager: Common Icons Next To Transactions
Learn the meaning of icons found next to transactions in your Inbox, Received, Outbox and Sent folders.
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Product: Transaction Manager

Which icon are you seeing?

Paper Icon

When a paper or document icon is located next to a transaction, this indicates that the transaction is in Test mode.

Need to change to Production? Check out the "Changing Transactions from Test to Production" tutorial under Guided Tutorials for step-by-step guidance! Or, check out this article.

When a Red X appears next to a transaction in your Outbox, this indicates that there are mandatory fields that need to be filled in on the transaction before it can be sent. Double click on the transaction to open it and fill in the red fields. If there are fields that will always be the same, these fields can be templated. Check out the "How to Template" tutorial under Guided Tutorials for step-by-step guidance.

If the Red X appears next to a transaction in your Sent folder, this means the transaction failed, and would need to be investigated further. If you're currently Testing, contact your assigned Implementation Specialist for assistance. If your Trading Partner is in Production, check out this article on how to contact our Support Team for help. If the transaction is rejected while in Production, you may need to contact your Trading Partner to find out why. For tips on correcting and resending a transaction, check out this article!

Exclamation Point/Yellow Triangle

When an exclamation point in a yellow triangle appears next to a transaction, it means that an update was made to the Trading Partner map.

To get rid of this icon, highlight the transaction(s) with the exclamation point. Click Options in the Action Bar, select Upgrade, and then select Standard Upgrade.

You can also simply open the transaction for the mapping updates to take effect.

Lock (Padlock)

A lock icon indicates:

Note: If you own Scheduler, transactions will lock to be safe while Scheduler is in the process of moving the documents, as the process doesn't happen immediately. You may see a message such as, "Transaction 123456789 is currently locked by user TMOCloudScheduler_AsyncUser".

Bell Icon

A bell indicates that a new address not already in your Address List or a new item not already in your Item Catalog was received on an incoming transaction. This will appear if these alerts have been configured at the Trading Partner level.

Gear Icon

If transactions are set to be created and sent under the Automation setting at the Trading Partner level, a green gear icon will appear to show that this action has been taken successfully. A red gear icon will indicate an error with the transaction.

Need to set up a transaction to be created and sent automatically? Check out the "Automate Transaction" tutorial under Guided Tutorials for step-by-step guidance!

No Icon

Transactions in your Inbox without an icon indicate that the transaction is in Production mode. Transactions in your Outbox without an icon indicate that they are also in Production mode and are ready to be sent.

Transaction History Icon

A circular icon that looks like a clock or stopwatch is a quick link icon to Transaction History. If you click on this icon, a pop up will appear, outlining the details surrounding and actions taken with this particular transaction.

rev: 5/20/21

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