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Red X next to a transaction in the Outbox

Red X next to a transaction in the Sent Folder

Are you trying to create a transaction to send to your Trading Partner and you're seeing a red X?

No need to worry! It is a common misconception that the red X's are errors. The red X's are not indicators of an error, but simply mean that there are mandatory fields in the transaction that still need to be filled out before the transaction can be sent.
The red X's can be avoided by doing the following:

  1. Open the transaction and manually fill in the red fields. If you're not seeing the red field, make sure you're scrolling all the way to the right and left of the page you're on, as well as expanding any collapsed fields. Additionally, keep in mind that sometimes filling in one field automatically makes another field mandatory (i.e. as with some fields under the Terms tab of an Invoice).

  2. Template any information that is static (always going to the same) for that transaction.

  3. Work with your Implementation Specialist to have certain information pull from your business system if the transaction is being created by Import.

Are you seeing a red X next to a transaction in your Sent folder?

A red X next to a sent transaction likely indicates that while the transaction was sent successfully, it was rejected by your Trading Partner. So, what can you do?

  1. Find the 997 in your Deleted Folder that matches the time stamp in the Date Ack column of your Sent folder for the rejected transaction. Select the 997. In the Action Bar, click View and then Raw EDI. Sometimes the 997 will give details as to why the transaction was rejected.

  2. Check the information in the sent transaction to see if there are any special characters, such as a period, quotation marks, or even an extra space. These things can cause errors in the data. For steps on how to fix a sent transaction, check out this article!

  3. Contact your Trading Partner for details surrounding the rejection. If possible, ask them for the segment and element of the error and what they do or don't want to see in that element. Check out this article for more information on transaction rejections.

Did you know that TrueCommerce Foundry can provide step-by-step guidance for templating fields?

To start, click the Help Icon, select Guided Tutorials, and search for the “How to Template” tutorial!

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