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At TrueCommerce, we go beyond being just a support team. Our focus is to ensure contacting our Support Team is painless; however, with a wide variety of needs, we understand that it can seem confusing to determine where to go.

This guide is intended to provide a general overview on how you can contact TrueCommerce Support.

Customer Center

Account Management

Support Center in Foundry

Call Support

Subscription to Status Page

Customer Center

Please be aware that throughout 2021, there will be a slow rollout to the Account Management Portal, which will replace the Customer Center. You can still access and utilize the Customer Center in the meantime. TrueCommerce will formally announce when the Customer Center will be retired. Learn more about AMP here!

The Customer Center provides support case creation forms, user management and contact information for the teams all across the globe.  Simply sign into the Customer Center and navigate to the Support & Training tab to learn more.

To create a case in the Customer Center:

  1. Log into the Customer Center.

  2. Navigate to the Support & Training section, and click Create New Support Case.

Account Management Portal

The Account Management Portal is a new feature in the Foundry Platform. Within AMP, you can download documentation, manage your open projects, and create and manage support cases.

To create a case:

  1. Click the Navigation Icon in the upper left hand corner and click Account Management.

  2. Click Support under Account Management, and click New Support Case.

  • As an FYI – If you don’t see Account Management, your account may not have access. Check out this article on how to have your admin grant access.

The Foundry Support Center

If you are using the TrueCommerce Foundry Suite, you have access to great tools right inside the product to get help!  You can receive click-by-click help in real-time, check the status of our services, or work directly with a support member.  To access, simply go to the Help Icon (?) at the top right hand corner and select Guided Tutorials or Support Center depending on your need.  Learn more here.

You can also check out our Help Center for common solutions and help material. Additionally, click Documentation under the ? icon for product specific documentation.

Prefer to talk to someone? Give us a call.


Want to talk directly to a technician?  Just give us a call!  We do not outsource to third parties for our support teams.  So the people you call are the real-deal and will get you taken care of.

(888) 430-4489, option 3 for Support. Listen closely to the product support options and select yours accordingly (list below for reference).

1 Microsoft Integration support
2 TC core product support (Transaction Manager, Foundry, etc.)
3 Datalliance
4 Nexternal
5 OneTime
6 RedTail
7 All other needs

If your issue is critical...

If your situation is critical or highly urgent you must call our team directly using the information above.  Case submission or chat requests will not raise attention to the urgency at the speed a phone call would.

Subscription to the Status Page

In case of an outage or network issue, subscribe to our Status Page to get the latest updates:

rev: 6/2/21

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