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Whenever deciding to upgrade your ERP there are quite a few things you'll want to consider. This article will breakdown the frequently asked questions and concerns you may have.

Looking for the steps for configuring Dynamics GP with TrueCommerce?

IMPORTANT NOTICE : TrueCommerce requires a 2-week prior notice for Server Upgrades and Moves in order to be able to provide sufficient resources to assist. If you're looking to upgrade on a Weekend, After-Hours, or During Holidays TrueCommerce will not be able to assist until the following business day, but cannot guarantee a dedicated resource unless previously notified and scheduled out.

Pre-Check List

  • Local Admin (domain admin will not be sufficient in most cases, and TC requires Local Admin to assist)

  • SQL Server SA username/password (TC does not need the password itself, as long as a user can enter it for TC)

  • SQL Server Access

  • GP Server Access

  • GP Client Machine Access

  • Ability to Restart Server and/or GP

  • pre-installation of eConnect & permissions configured

Major vs Minor Upgrades

There are two types of upgrades, Major and Minor. In example with a GP version of 18.3 - the 18 would indicate Major while the .3 would indicate Minor.


A Major upgrade is when you move from one version of GP to another that typically requires a full installation such as moving from GP2015 to GP2018. This would require a re-installation of the TrueCommerce solution as major changes to the ERP need to be adjusted for (see below)

  • Requires the additional component installation of eConnect (located with the installation of GP) prior to TrueCommerce assistance on all client installations of GP

  • Requires creation of Stored Procedures via the sa username


A Minor upgrade would be moving from version GP 18.3 to GP 18.4. This would not require any changes to the TrueCommerce software unless you are performing some sort of Server Migration or moving where GP is installed (see below)

Migrating to new SQL Server

If you're looking to move your SQL database for GP onto a new server, often this comes with testing before moving into production. TrueCommerce can assist with this setup given the proper 2-week notice, however here are some things you'll want to note

  • You'll need to migrate your GP Database (TrueCommerce does not migrate the data)

  • If you're upgrading to a new version of GP in the process, you'll need to have the Stored Procedures regenerated for that version

  • If you're keeping the same version, the Stored Procedures will transfer over with the GP Company database

  • You'll need to configure Transaction Manager to point to the new server

  • You'll need to ensure the client machine's that use Dynamics GP's eConnect have sufficient permissions to access the new server through the eConnect Service

Migrating GP Server to a new Machine

Moving the application itself?

  • If server is being used as a client - see "Client Machine"

  • If server is NOT running a GP Client then no changes to the GP Installation on the Server-Box

Client Machines

  • Will all need to have the Integration Service installed


  • Installation of the ASN Dictionary (ASN.CNK/ASN.DIC) file from TrueCommerce on all Client Machines

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