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  • Not Receiving/Missing Transactions

In order for TrueCommerce and GP to talk, it requires that it converts the file that GP (typically a .tdf) uses to one that Transaction Manager (.xml) uses to communicate and vice versa. In order to do this, the CrazyTalk application is utilized to take data and reformats it into another file type.

Restarting the CrazyTalk Service

Locate the system that CrazyTalk is located (most often the same location where Transaction Manager is import/exporting to) or contact your IT department to have them find it.

Once found - and if you have permissions with the user you're logged in as - you can go to Task Manager and locate the following three Services, and can simply Right Click → Restart each one individually (the order doesn't matter)

Navigate: Right Click Window's Taskbar → Task Manager → Services

Restart: Right Click Service → Restart

  • CTGPConnectorService (CTGP_ServiceProccessor)

  • TransferProcessorService (EDI_TransferProcessor)

  • TransformationprocessorService (EDI_TransformationProcessor)

Why Restart the Service?

In short, a Windows Service is a background process that runs in a way that you don't have to see it on your desktop all the time. Since EDI can be very data intensive, it's not uncommon to have these services get clogged up with the amount of data they have to process if the machine running them is doing a lot of other processing of other things at the same time, or is a bit outdated. Restarting the service (or the server it's on) is a great way to let it refresh itself and start with a clean slate.

Your IT Department

As always, TrueCommerce recommends contacting your IT department or System Admin with any questions as TrueCommerce is not responsible for the system CrazyTalk is installed on, and can only provide basic help marked in this article.

rev 8/1/22

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