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Transaction Manager can push/pull data from a custom field within Netsuite - this is useful for extending your system beyond the standard integration. However in order to do so, we'll need to be provide with the Field ID and the Location of the field (Sales Order? Shipment? Header Level? Item Level?)

Note: In order for Transaction Manager to pull the field, it'll need to be located in the Transaction we're pulling/pushing to directly. We cannot, for example, grab a Sales Order field while generating an ASN/Shipment into Transaction Manager - it'll need to be apart of the Shipment directly.

Enabling Field ID display

To enable the displaying of Field IDs

Navigate: Home → Set Preferences → Defaults

Select: SHOW INTERNAL IDS (checked)

Set Preferences


Viewing a Field ID name

Once Show Internal IDs is enabled - simply locate the field you wish us to integrate with and click the name of the field itself - inside the Field Help popup you'll see Field ID with the name next to it

Select the Field Name to display the Field Help

Note: At this time - TrueCommerce is unable to write to fields prefixed with the custrecord_ convention - however we can write to custbody_ and custcol_

rev 7/29/22

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