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You can manage all of your carrier information in a central location within Pack & Ship. Click a link to jump to that section.

View/Edit a Carrier

Add a New Carrier

Add a Carrier Account

Carrier Aliases

Upload/Download Aliases


Click here to familiarize yourself with the terminology we use in Pack & Ship.

Before You Get Started

There are a few things you'll want to complete or have ready before you start this process:

  • Add a Location

  • The official address associated with the carrier

  • Account number

  • Username and password for the carrier

  • Possibly a recent bill

View/Edit a Carrier

Click Menu > Pack & Ship > Configuration > Shipping > Carriers.

This displays a list of carriers you have already added. When you click on a Carrier, you’ll see a fly-out window on the right which shows you:

Service Levels for that Carrier

Accounts you have configured


If you need to make edits or if you prefer to see the details full-screen you can click the View button and it will display the same information as the fly-out window.

Click the appropriate section at the top to see those details for the listed carrier.

Add a New Carrier

  1. Click Menu > Pack & Ship > Configuration > Shipping > Carriers.

  2. Click the Add button.

That brings up a wizard with 3 tabs across the top: Services, Accounts, Aliases

3. Click the drop-down in the Carrier field and choose a value. The values in the drop-down represent all carriers that you are licensed for. If you would like to add a carrier that is not listed please contact your TrueCommerce salesperson to get it added to your agreement.

The fields on the screen will change based on the carrier you choose.

4. Fill out the appropriate fields and click Next at the bottom to advance to the next step.


  • You can add a carrier manually if you have offline carriers such as LTL and for overriding defaults.

  • At the top of the Carriers page, you will see Upload and Download buttons which will allow you to export or import the Carriers list.

  • In a future release, look for Pack & Ship to show a preview of the different service levels (Ground, 2-Day, Next Day, etc.) at the bottom of this page.

  • For new parcel carriers, you can set up automation rules to handle important payment terms and you can also create rate shop groups.

Add a Carrier Account

You want to add a new carrier account. Common reasons you might want to do this:

  • You’re opening a new location such as a warehouse

  • You are adding a brand new carrier

  • You have a new relationship with a retailer who wants you to ship against their account as if it’s pre-paid.

Those are some scenarios; now let’s go through the steps.

  1. Click Menu > Pack & Ship > Configuration > Shipping > Carriers.

  2. Choose a Carrier and click View.

  3. You are now on the Accounts tab. Here you can add one or more accounts to this carrier. This process links your existing carrier account to your Pack & Ship instance. This process does not create a new account with the carrier. You would have already created an account with the carrier prior to completing these steps in Pack & Ship.

  4. Click the Add button.

  5. Choose a shipper from the drop-down. You might already have these shippers configured in your Pack & Ship instance. You can add a shipper from here if you choose by clicking +Add a New Shipper.

Once you choose a shipper, the fields below change based on your selection.

When registering your carrier account, there are some additional details about the account or account holder that may be required for the registration process. For example with FedEx you will need to enter your billing address and company details; for UPS you will also need to record information from your latest invoice.

Note: For every Carrier/Shipper combination, you will have one account.

While you are testing your connections, you will want to check the Use EasyPost Test API Key box to make sure no test transactions are transmitted.

6. Click Save. This takes you back to the Accounts tab. If you need to add more accounts to this carrier, you would repeat the process.

7. Click Save.

Optional Add Ons:

  • Set up automation rules to handle important payment terms.

  • Create rate shop groups.

Note: When editing EasyPost Carrier Accounts, only Carrier ID and Account Number can be modified within Pack & Ship. For any other changes you would delete and recreate the account.

Carrier Aliases

This functionality allows you to have more than one way to identify the same thing. It allows you to cross-reference carrier services on an order. For example, you may have a code in your ERP or sales channel that ultimately references the same carrier service. "UPS RED" and "UPS NEXT DAY" both could mean UPS Next Day Air.

  1. From the Aliases tab, click Add. Alternatively, you can use the Upload or Download buttons to import or export a list of aliases.

2. Type your value in the Alias field. This would be whatever you call it in your ordering system (QuickBooks, Dynamics, etc.).

3. Choose the Service from the drop-down.

4. Click Save.

You can configure additional options if you choose by clicking the Options button.

You could have the system override the payment terms and depending on what you choose, you would have to enter additional information such as Account Number.

At this point, the new alias will automatically set the carrier for your shipment.

Upload/Download Aliases

You may have a starting point from another system for how you identify carriers and services. Pack & Ship will now allow you to easily import and export aliases. A standard upload spreadsheet can be used to create aliases in bulk. You can access this by exporting aliases for any carrier, even if you do not have any configured.

  1. From the Aliases tab, click Download. A pop-up window appears.

2. Pick an option and click Download. The spreadsheet will download to your computer.

3. Open that file. This will be your upload template that you can populate with your data.

Note: The upload needs to reference carriers that already exists in Pack & Ship for it to work correctly. Aliases for carriers not in Pack & Ship will be ignored.

4. Once the file is ready, click Upload in the Aliases tab. In the pop-up window, locate your file and click Upload.

If the upload is successful, you will receive a pop-up message and the grid will reflect the uploaded data.

Once you have aliases populated, you can download aliases for a given carrier or all carriers by clicking Download.

rev: 8/17/22

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