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Before a product can be exported, it must be added to a Catalog. The catalog determines which Publication the product will be exported in. The catalog must also be assigned to the appropriate channel.

Catalog Conditions

There is a nightly background job configured that will automatically add products to each catalog based on the catalog conditions configured.

Note: This routine will re-build the catalog each night. If products have changed and therefore no longer meet the conditions, these products should be removed from the catalog.

To configure your catalog conditions:

  1. Navigate to Unified Commerce > Product Manager > Offers > Catalogs.

  2. Click on a catalog > Edit > Product Conditions

  3. To add a new condition, locate the field/attribute from the left-hand side and drag over into the grey area.

  4. If adding to existing conditions or building out multiple conditions, select a Logical Operator.

  5. Select the appropriate Comparison Operator from the list provided and specify a value if necessary.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Clicking Preview will show you a preview of what products you can expect to be added to the catalog based on the conditions. This is a way of testing that your conditions are accurate with your expectations.

  8. To remove a condition, select the black cross. Then click Save.

Note: If a product meets the catalog conditions before validations are completely met, it will be added to the catalog but won’t export due to any incomplete required validations. The product can still be edited to make updates to meet the validations.

Adding Products to a Catalog Manually

It’s also possible to manually add a product to a catalog:

  1. Select the Manage Products tab.

  2. By default, only products assigned to the catalog are displayed. They appear with a blue checkmark. To display all products, uncheck the Display Only Assigned Products checkbox.

  3. You can manually add a product to the catalog by checking it and clicking Save.

Note: If a catalog has conditions configured, you cannot also add products manually as these changes may get overridden when the routine runs over night.

rev: 9/2/21

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