Nexternal: Tips & Gratuities for Online Sales
Do your customers wish to tip when placing online orders for pickup? Here's how you can offer that opportunity.
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In the context of placing online orders for pickup at a retail location, we've been asked a few times whether a shopper can add a tip when placing an order online. While there is no function built specifically to add tips to online orders, here are a couple of ways you might afford your online shoppers the ability to add a tip to their order:

1. Probably the best way to go - You could create a product called Optional Tip, and make it a "Related Product" on each of the wines. Using our Upsell Overlay feature, this item would pop up in a box when the customer clicks checkout, that says something like "May we also suggest", or "Would you like to leave a tip?", at your discretion. At that time the person could click that product to add a tip.

In this case, the Optional Tip product could be set up two ways - you could set it up with Bid Pricing so that a customer can select or fill in the tip amount (if you have buy now buttons on your site be sure it is suppressed on a bid-priced product), OR, you could create 2 -6 different optional tip options (add a $5 tip, add a $10 tip, add a $15 tip, etc.), all of which are related products and show up in the popup box, so folks could easily choose one and add it with a single click right from the popup.

2. You could create a "required" product, named Optional Tip. That product could have various optional "prices", like $0, $2, $5, $10, etc. or you could create it as a bid price item where folks fill in whatever number they want. In this case, the customer would not be able to check out without making a selection in this product, even if it's zero, and adding it to the cart.

rev. 6/24/21

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