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Are older orders making it more difficult to use your Order Management System (OMS)? Well, guess what - you can archive orders that you no longer need to reference or edit and get them out of your way! (Orders / Archive [blue button at the top]) Archiving orders does not remove them from the database - it just removes them from your day-to-day view so you have a cleaner, faster OMS.

You may choose to schedule archiving for orders that age past a scheduled criteria. If in use, the scheduled archiving takes place at 1:30 AM Pacific Time, daily.

Archived orders are removed from view, so they are not accessible, editable, or exportable, and they won't show up in your results if you do an order or line item search. Archiving orders removes them from the Order List screen in the OMS.

Because the archived orders aren't removed from the database, you will still see archived orders on detail screens that list orders, such as the Customer Detail screen. Also, archived orders can be unarchived at any time to show up and be accounted for in reports, exports, dashboards, and order history searches.

Note: Only orders with a status of Shipped, Picked Up, Sent, or Canceled may be archived. Outstanding orders may not be archived.

For information about how to hide only canceled orders from view, see our article regarding the "hide inactive" boolean option.

rev. 11/17/21

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