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Affiliate tracking can be used for many purposes - to track orders coming from other sites, to track the return on investment (ROI) on banner and other digital ads, to track orders from a particular email promotion, etc.

You can set up an affiliate in the Affiliates section of your Order Management System. (Affiliates / New). Simply fill out the required fields, referring to the question mark tooltips to guide you.

After you create your affiliate(s), be sure to click the Preferences button at the top, and read the question mark tooltip next to the "Select Affiliate" field carefully to make your selection.

Once you do this, the system will provide you with links that you can give to those respective affiliates, or use in your digital ads or emails. You will find these links on the affiliate list page in your OMS. The system will then track sales by affiliate, and if you enter a commission percentage, can also track what you owe each affiliate for qualifying sales.


After an affiliate is set up, any customer that originates through that link will be tied to the affiliate and their lifetime orders will show up as part of the ROI on the link.

However, if a customer who is already in the database clicks through the link, then they will not be tagged to the affiliate.

Once a customer is tagged to an affiliate, they will stay with that affiliate unless you manually remove that affiliate association from their customer record; they will not be moved to a different affiliate even if they click on a different affiliate link.

Other Affiliate Programs

The Nexternal platform is also compatible with other affiliate programs such as Commission Junction and ShareASale. If you are operating a multi-level affiliate program, the Nexternal platform is also compatible with OSI Affiliate (formerly OmniStar). And if you'd like to track customer referrals, Referral Candy works well in conjunction with the Nexternal platform, as well. Learn more about third-party apps that you can use in conjunction with Nexternal.

rev: 5/17/21

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