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NOTICE: The instructions in this article apply only when creating Quick Links in Foundry to pages in the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS). If you are creating Quick Links to any other pages in Foundry, follow these directions instead.

The fastest way to create a series of Quick Links to Nexternal platform pages within Foundry is to do so from the Quick Links Console:

1. Click your user name on the top right corner of the header bar.

2. Click the Settings menu from the drop-down options.

3. Select Quick Links.

4. The Quick Links console will appear.

5. Click + Add New on the action bar.

6. The New Quick Link page displays. Ensure that the Visible box is checked, and change the information in the three marked areas, following the instructions below:

7. Name your Quick Link: Replace NexStore with a name that matches the title of the Nexternal OMS page you are linking to - Orders, Categories, Customers, etc.

8. Click Change to select an icon. The available icons will display.

9. Highlight an icon from the options available and click Choose to exit the Choose Icon dialog.

Here are some suggestions that we think pretty well represent what each icon is for, however you are free to select whichever icons you wish. The icons displayed below are for the identified Quick Links. (This is just an example. You may not need all of these, and you may need to create some that are not shown here.):

10. Fill in the corresponding External Website URL.

Select from the following URL's for each Quick Link you choose to create (you will replace YOUR ACCOUNT NAME with your actual Nexternal account name. If you don't know your account name, please contact the TrueCommerce Representative whose information is at the top of the Settings section in your OMS. Remember to close all spaces in the URL you use (these have spaces in them to avoid invalid hyperlinks, but you need to remove the spaces):


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/orders.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/categories.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/products.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/vendors.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/subscriptions.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/customers.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/coupons.aspx

Gift Certificates:

https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/giftcert.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/reviews.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/questions.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/affiliates.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/users.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/articles.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/company.aspx


https:// ACCOUNT NAME/ordermgmt/layout.aspx

Training Center:

11. Click Save on the action bar to commit your changes and exit the New Quick Link page.

12. Repeat for as many Quick Links as you'd like to create.

13. To change the order of your Quick Links in the left side menu, click the Reorder button in the action bar.

14. Select the quick link you want to reorder.

15. Drag the highlighted icon/link to the location you want in the quick links list.

16. Click Save on the action bar to commit your changes.

rev: 4/23/21

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