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You may be wondering how the search function in your Nexternal online store works, and how you can optimize usability of the search function for your customers.

In the Nexternal platform the search algorithm uses several factors when determining how results are returned. To optimize it, you can add search keywords to your products (product edit page 1; or via import). You can also track which terms are searched in the 'Search Statistics' section of the Pulse KPI in Foundry which is associated with your Nexternal account.

The following fields are used to determine results and result rankings when a customer performs a keyword search. If the 'Search All' option (Settings/Boolean Options) is on, Category Name and SKU on the SKU level are also included.


Product Name

SKU (on the Product level)

Short Description

Long Description

Custom Fields (if applicable)

If the 'Search All' option (Settings / Boolean Options) is on, the following fields are also included:

Category Name

SKU (on the SKU level)

rev. 4/12/21

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