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The TrueCommerce Account Management portal is a core application in the TrueCommerce My Service experience.

This portal gives you access to submitting and managing support tickets, reviewing insights and reports, access to active and closed projects, as well as ways to contact your sales account manager.

In order to have access to the Account Management portal, you must be granted permission by the admin in your organization. So please have them follow these instructions to activate your account.

For Admins:

The Foundry Platform operates with conditions of "Authorized Applications" and "User Roles" to grant access to the applications and services licensed to your company.

Specifically for the Account Management portal, all TrueCommerce customers will receive access to this portal at no charge however the admin of that organization will need to assign access to the portal per user.

To grant access, complete the below steps:

In-App Guided Tutorial:

The easiest way to do this is to is to make user of our Guided Tutorials within the platform. Simply activate the tutorial Add a Role to a User and follow the steps until you get to the Choose Roles to Assign section. From here, you will pick the Account Management role.

NOTE: If you do not see this role in the Unassigned check the Assigned roles as they may already have it. If it does not show in either section, this would indicate your account is missing the license and you will need to contact support to have this activated.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Once you are logged in, click on your profile (top right) to expand the menu. Select Security --> Users and Roles

Select the Users box under the Users and Roles space. Once you are in the Users list, locate the user you wish to edit, click to select and press Edit in the menu bar.

NOTE: The below screenshot is using the Grid View, your view may be a Card View. Either view is fine to use to pick the user, it's purely preference.

Inside the users edit screen, select the Roles tab.

Double check to make sure the user doesn't already have the role under their Assigned role. Once verified, go to the Unassigned Roles tab, click the role Account Management and click Assign in the bar above.

Then Submit the changes in the action bar above:

NOTE: If you do not Submit by the end of these assignments, the changes will not be committed to that users profile.

Once the role is assigned, user is to sign out and sign back into the Foundry platform and the access granted will be activated.

rev: 3/8/22

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