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Pack & Ship allows you to do what we call full case packing. This means that every time you do a packing event, it starts a new box. If you're in full case packing mode, it assumes that every item on this order is going in its own box.

Navigate to the Shipping screen

Click Menu > Pack & Ship > Shipping

Let’s check out full case packing mode

If you are not already in Full Case Packing Mode, please click the mode selector button in the blue ribbon bar and select Full Case Packing. (Note: This can be set up as your default if you prefer.)

Full case packing mode is used in scenarios where quantities are measured by the case as opposed to each individual item within a case.

Clicking the single chevron will use the defined pack quantity to pack that number of items to the package. Each time you select the single chevron, a new package will be created. Clicking the double chevron after declaring a quantity will pack the remaining quantity in one package. The Pack all button will use the defined pack quantity to determine the quantity to pack for each item in unique packages.

Note: Full case Packing does not allow mixed carton packing.

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