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1. In Vimeo, click “SHARE” icon for the video you wish to embed into your OMS (mouse over the video for the icons to show up)

2. Once you click the share icon, you will see the embed code. Click "show options" for available customizations.

3. Once you click show options you will see an expanded view. Make your customization selections below the video, then copy the embed code.

4. Navigate to Products in your OMS, and click the edit pencil next to the product where you want to embed the video.

5. Decide where you want to embed the video on the product detail page. We suggest using the Long Description field or one of the two Custom Tab fields available for each product in the OMS on the product setup page.

6. If you have your WYSIWYG editors on, click the icon that takes you to the code side of the editor. (Note that your WSYWYG Editor and icons might look slightly different depending upon what operating system and browser you are using.) If you don’t have your WYSIWYG editors on and see just a rectangular box with no icons at the top of it, then skip this step.

7. Paste the embed code you copied from Vimeo into the code side of the WYSIWYG editor (you can tell if you’re on the code side by looking at the icons in the top icon bar of the editor. If all the icons are live and clickable, you’re on the WYSIWYG side, but if they are grey/inactive, then you are on the code side). If the WYSIWYG Editors are not on and you have just a blank box into which you can enter data, then paste the embed code directly into the field.

IMPORTANT: In Vimeo, it's super easy to control whether video suggestions appear at the end of a video replay, and which video suggestions appear. At the time this article was written, this could be done in the Interaction Tools section of video management, under "End Screen". Use Vimeo support if you have any questions.

For directions on how to make your embedded Videos "Fluid" on mobile devices, refer to this article.

rev: 1/6/21

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