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TrueCommerce Connect allows order data to flow automatically from your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) through our Transaction Manager product into your accounting or ERP System. Conversely, order statuses and inventory information are able to flow back from your accounting or ERP System into your Order Management System. This service starts at $795 to set up and $200/month for QuickBooks customers and goes up depending upon the system to which you are connecting.

Before signing up for this service, you'll need to connect with one of our sales engineers. Please contact Customer Support as specified at the top of the Settings Section in your OMS to schedule a consultation. When you speak to the sales engineer, be sure to specify what data you would like to flow in which direction (for example, just orders from OMS to ERP? Or also inventory from ERP to OMS?), as separate modules may be required.

After you have signed up for the service, you are ready to set up the connection. Navigate in your OMS to Settings / Compatible Software / TrueCommerce Connect. Then follow the steps in the Guided Tutorial called "Integrate TrueCommerce Connect with Nexternal". (Guided Tutorials are accessed separately from the Support Center in Foundry, through the link to Guided Tutorials in the system navigation. In the legacy standalone version of Nexternal they can be accessed through the Guided Tutorials link in the left navigation.)

Once the connection is set up, orders flow from Nexternal to Transaction Manager every 15 minutes after the trigger event. The trigger event is selected by the Merchant in the Nexternal platform at Settings / Compatible Software / TrueCommerce Connect / Trigger.

The trigger options include:
In Process

For more information about what each of these trigger events means and how Transaction Manager works, please read the ? tooltip in the Transaction Manager section (path above).

rev: 8/17/22

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