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Nexternal: Integrate your Google Analytics Account into Your Nexternal OMS
Nexternal: Integrate your Google Analytics Account into Your Nexternal OMS
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Your Google Analytics account can be integrated with your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) at Settings / Policies Addenda and Disclaimers / Google Analytics. Whether or not you are using your Google Analytics (GA) data at this time, we strongly recommend that you integrate your GA account into your OMS as soon as possible after you activate your Nexternal account. This way you can be collecting data so it is there when you are ready to use it.

Please note that Universal Analytics is going away and will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA 4), and it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you immediately begin to collect data in GA 4 as well as your Universal Analytics account.

For best set up results, we recommend you follow the steps in the Guided Tutorial called "Set Up Google Analytics". (Guided Tutorials are accessed separately from the Support Center in Foundry, through the link to Guided Tutorials in the system navigation. In the legacy standalone version of Nexternal they can be accessed through the Guided Tutorials link in the left navigation.)

Important: Don't forget to enable the Ecommerce Tracking option in your Google Analytics Profile to receive the full benefits of this feature. If you are using analytics.js, we also recommend enabling Enhanced Ecommerce. Enhanced Ecommerce enables the tracking of a wide range of customer interactions in your Online Store, including product impressions, clicks, add to carts, and the checkout process.

rev: 11/11/22

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