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Nexternal: Thermal Printing Troubleshooting Guide
Nexternal: Thermal Printing Troubleshooting Guide
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Product: Nexternal

Download the Thermal Printing Troubleshooting Guide to try to rectify any thermal printing issues you may have.

Further, here is a helpful tip from another Nexternal customer who had thermal printing problems after updating to Windows 10:

"Somehow the printer settings were reset when we updated to Windows 10. I had to re-share the printer and change the network path in Nexternal."

Please note: If the information in this article and the Troubleshooting Guide doesn't lead to a resolution, the issue is likely somewhere in your network or firewall, and we are unable to assist with troubleshooting those.

For instructions on setting up and connecting a thermal printer to print from the Nexternal platform, see these instructions.

rev: 5/18/21

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