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Nexternal: Activate the Buy Now Feature
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Product: Nexternal

When a shopper clicks the Buy Now button for a product, rather than adding the product to cart and staying on the same shopping page, the shopper is immediately taken to a fast checkout experience to complete the purchase of that product.

On desktop, the shopper is taken to a one-page checkout. If the shopper is logged in, they just need to confirm their saved shipping and billing details and click submit. If they are new, they can quickly enter their details and check out on one page. In mobile, the shopper is taken directly to mobile checkout.

Buy Now Buttons not only provide a smoother and faster checkout experience, but also allow the shopper to anticipate a fast checkout upfront during the shopping process, which may influence their conversion.

The presence of certain elements on the page is dictated by the account's configuration (e.g., Email Retype, Password Requirement, How did you hear about us, Customer Custom Fields, etc.).

Note that if the shopper has additional items in the cart when they click a Buy Now button, the rest of the cart contents will be deleted from the cart, and only the product for which the shopper clicked Buy Now will remain in the cart.

Activate this feature for both desktop and mobile in Layout / General Layout / Visibility Rules / Buy Now. You may modify the "Buy Now" label text in Layout / General Layout / Labels. Finally, you may also select a button style in Layout / Edit Buttons.

We recommend activating this feature in a Staging Layout prior to activating it in your live store.

rev. 12/01/2020


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