Product: Transaction Manager

The scenario

Let's say you've created one or more Invoices to send to your Trading Partner. Those Invoices are in your Outbox with a red X next to them, meaning they have mandatory fields that still need to be filled in. When you look at the red fields, you notice that there are item details that need to be filled in, and these are fields that can be pulled from your Item Catalog.

Naturally, the next thing you'd do is to update your Item Catalog. However, the red X is still next to your Invoices. What's the deal?

The explanation

Whether you create a transaction by Turnaround or by Import, Transaction Manager looks at the Item Catalog to pull the necessary information onto the transaction. This only happens during the Turnaround or Import processes, but does not update after the fact.

If you update your Item Catalog after you've created your transactions, you'd need to create your transactions again or fill in the fields manually.

rev: 6/18/21

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