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For best system performance when using your Order Management System (OMS) – get used to SEARCH!

Sometimes people want to use software as if it's a pad and paper, and it’s tempting to set your OMS to show as many line items as possible on the order, product, customer and other list pages in the OMS. However, doing so will slow down your OMS and make you less efficient, as it requires more page load time to display all of that data.

The List Page Size (Settings / Edit Site Options / List Page Size) default is 15 items per page and we recommend you keep it at 15-20. Try to get used to using the search and various sorting features on each list page to find what you need instead of listing 50 items per page (which is the max, but we do NOT recommend it).

Similarly, we recommend that you keep the Detail Page Size (Settings / Edit Site Options / Detail Page Size) set to the default (15) as well. The Detail Page Size is the number of records displayed per page in lists shown on detail screens in the OMS. Examples include the Customer Orders list on the Customer Detail screen and the Product Sales list on the Product Detail screen. The maximum Detail Page Size is 50, but like the List Page Size, to keep your OMS running speedily we don't recommend more than 15-20 per page.

rev: 10/22/20

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