Product: Nexternal

Regardless of whether you are shipping your orders from within the Nexternal platform or from another connected system, it is important to update the orders by marking them as shipped when they are in fact shipped. Not only is this important from a housekeeping standpoint so that your order records match your bookkeeping records, but it is also imperative because when your customers log in to their online accounts they can see these orders along with the status. Leaving shipped or picked up orders in unshipped or ready status not only may confuse your customers, but it also may reflect poorly on you for appearing not to be on top of your business.

If you are shipping from within Nexternal, order status updates (from unshipped to shipped) happen automatically when you create the shipping label. Pickup Orders can be manually marked as picked up (or updated via spreadsheet) or may be updated automatically if you are using Engage for recording and managing pickups.

If you are fulfilling your orders in an integrated Point of Sale system, marking orders in the OMS as shipped might be automated (for example with the Microworks POS integration), but with others it may not be (for example with the VinNOW POS), and you will need to do it manually, either order by order or with a spreadsheet upload.

If you are using one of the TrueCommerce Connect EDI integrations with one of several ERP systems, or if you are using a direct integration with the HighJump WMS system, then the order status updates in the OMS will be automated.

For more information and detail about order processing, check out this article.

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