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The Four Golden Rules

When working in the Order Management System (OMS) please follow these four golden rules to avoid frustration and ensure the best shopping experience for your customers:

1. Save your work often!

The OMS is programmed to automatically log you out (without telling you when it's happening) after 60 minutes of inactivity. What inactivity means is, 60 minutes during which you don’t click any of the navigation provided to you in the OMS – whether its left navigation, top blue buttons, next, finish or previous buttons at the bottom of a page, etc. Remember that finish and next both mean "save", so click these buttons regularly.

2. Never, ever use your browser’s back button.

Never ever (unless we specifically tell you to). We know it’s tempting but content management systems like the Nexternal platform only understand the commands that are built into them – they get confused with commands that are driven by your browser – and can corrupt your database if you use any commands other than those that are built-in. So – just don’t use your back button (unless we specifically tell you to).

3. ALWAYS check your work in the online store after you make edits in the OMS. Never assume that you did it right, just because you know the OMS. Always check the customer experience before you finish your work session, to ensure that your customers don’t find your mistakes for you!

4. Refresh your page and clear your cache before viewing edits.

In other words, if you make an edit in the OMS, you need to be sure you are not looking at a cached page of the online store when checking it, because if you are, you won’t see your edits.

After making OMS edits, when checking those edits in your online store pages you must first refresh your page by using the refresh function in the URL bar of your browser. If that doesn’t make your edits appear then clear your cache. If you still don't see your edits then, return to the OMS to review your settings to see what the problem is.

There are three ways to clear your cache:

a) You can navigate to the Layout or Settings sections in your OMS, and click View Live Layout in the upper right corner. The links there have some code built into them which clear your cache as they take you to the destination page.

b) You can add ?Reset=true to the end of the URL of the page you want to see (no spaces), and hit enter. This code snippet, when attached to any Nexternal URL, will clear the cache while taking you to the destination page.

c) You can clear your cache in your browser using the directions for that particular browser. If you don’t know how to do that, you can Google it.

rev: 10/21/20

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