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First, navigate to Customers / Advanced Search / Order History Search - Customers who have not ordered since [date]. Then hit Enter. Once you do this you will be able to export the results if you wish, using the blue export button at the top of the page.

Please note that all of the selections on this page string together with "AND" logic, so you can do even more detailed and segmented searches if you wish. For example, customers who have ordered at least $500 worth of products AND who have not ordered since Jan 1, 2020 (to do this search you would check both boxes then hit search.)

You will see that within some of the selections, you can also make a choice as to whether the elements within that particular selection are combined with AND or OR.

For example:

"Customers who have not ordered the following __2__ products (using ANY (or) logic or ALL (and) logic), the following:"

In this case, while the two products within that selection might be tied together with OR (any) logic, that selection (Customers who have not ordered...) will still string together with other selections (such as Customers who have ordered at least $X worth of products) with "AND" logic.

We recommend you play around with the combinations of searches that are available to you in this section - it can greatly assist with targeted marketing efforts.

rev: 10/14/20

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