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The easiest way to add information to a number of products at the same time is to use the spreadsheet import. This is true regardless of whether the information to be added is in the same field on all products.

Simply follow these steps:

1. First, backup your existing product database! EXPORT all of your products - Products/Export (blue button at top). Export type is Product Excel, Export Criteria is All Products. Export, and save this on your hard drive as a backup (the "Backup Spreadsheet"). You never want to do a spreadsheet import without first backing up what's already in the database - just in case.

2. If you want to update ALL products, whether active or not, then make a copy of the spreadsheet you just exported. If you only want to modify Active products, then do a second export - Export Type is Product Excel, Export Criteria is All Active. Click Export. The resulting spreadsheet is the one you will modify for re-import into the OMS (the "Working Spreadsheet").

3. Find the column(s)/cell(s) on the Working Spreadsheet in which you need to add or modify data, and make your changes. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO THIS - you can type directly onto the spreadsheet, but you cannot simply copy data from another source and paste it into the spreadsheet, or you will be modifying not only the data but also the spreadsheet cell formatting. Instead of using Paste, use Paste Special, and insert values only. THIS IS CRITICAL OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO IMPORT YOUR MODIFIED SPREADSHEET.

4. After you have made the modifications on the Working Spreadsheet, upload that spreadsheet into the OMS. (Products / Import / Product Import). Make your selection carefully in Section one - The default, Update, is usually best, but each circumstance is different. We suggest leaving the match criteria as Product Numbers, and the spreadsheet behavior at Partial Update (again, in this case, every circumstance is different so choose carefully). Decide whether you want to use the rectify function. Then go to Step 4 - choose the Modified Working Spreadsheet file from your desktop, and upload it. Note, if there is a lot of data on the sheet it can take a few minutes.

5. If the Working Spreadsheet format has been altered at all by your modifications, it may not upload, and you will get an error message referring to an altered file format. If this happens, go back to the import page, download a fresh import spreadsheet, copy all of the data from your Working Spreadsheet, and PASTE SPECIAL (not Paste) onto the new spreadsheet, and save the file to your hard drive as WorkingSpreadsheet2. Upload this file. For more info visit this article.

6. If the Working Spreadsheet has non-formatting errors on it that preclude upload, you will get an error message listing these errors by line item. You will have to correct each of them before re-attempting the upload. If you get a line item list of errors, take a screenshot of all of them or print out the page - as that is the only reference you will get to those errors and that is your guide to what requires attention.

7. Once you've had a successful upload, CHECK THE ONLINE STORE THOROUGHLY to ensure that the update occurred in your intended manner. If it did not, you'll need to fix it. If you feel you need to go back to the way things were and start again, re-upload the Backup Spreadsheet.

rev: 11/29/21

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