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Nexternal: Set up Related Products & Upsell Overlay
Nexternal: Set up Related Products & Upsell Overlay

Cross-sell effectively with a suggested items display on each product detail page, and a popup suggestion to add products before checkout.

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Related Products are a means to upsell a customer on accessories, substitutes, or complementary products. You can label them however you wish (Layout / Edit General Layout / Labels / Related Products) – for example: “May We Also Suggest”, “Others Have Also Viewed”, and “You May Also Like”.

Related products are set up at the product level. So, for example, if you want the matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings to show up on each of the three product pages, or if you want to suggest 3 other wines when someone is looking at one of your cabernets, you would set up all of the products, then on each product, you would “relate” the others.

Create the Products

1. First set up all products you wish to “relate”. For the jewelry, you would set up the necklace, the bracelet, and earrings as three separate products. For the wine, you would set up the four wines.

2. Then go back to edit each product, and on the first page of set up, under “Product Options”, enter how many related products you would like to display on the page – in the case of the jewelry example it would be two, in the case of the wine example it would be three.

3. Click Next at the bottom of the page.

Select the Products

4. On the next page, scroll down to the section called “Related Products”, where you can select the related products.

You can relate the products manually on each product, or in bulk via spreadsheet (Products / Import / Related Products Import).

Check your work!

5. Once set up, the related products are listed in a special section on the Product Detail screen in the Online Store, (format selections in Layout / Main Layout / Product Section Options / Products / Product Detail / Related and Recently Viewed Product Style). Don’t forget to check your work in your online store!

6. If you would like to give customers a popup related product message before they complete the checkout process, activate the "Related Products Upsell" feature.

To activate the Upsell popup feature, visit Layout / Edit Main Layout / Products and scroll down to Product Detail, where you'll see a dropdown box for "Related Products Upsell Overlay". Visit Layout / General Layout / Labels to edit the Upsell popup text.

Once again, check your work in the online store to ensure your customers are getting the optimal experience that will reflect best on your brand.

rev. 4/21/20

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