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Global Payments Integrated (formerly OpenEdge) is one of several integrated credit card processing solutions available for use in conjunction with your Nexternal Order Management System (OMS). While it's an excellent solution for most merchants*, it is recommended as the very best solution for merchants processing clubs or subscriptions (auto-reorder) in Nexternal, such as wineries and wine retailers who are running their clubs within the Nexternal OMS, because of the included Decline Minimizer functionality. (Global Payments Integrated is not available to merchants who offer clubs but process them through a different system.) Additionally, merchants using both the Nexternal eCommerce platform and TrueCommerce Engage iPad Point of Sale System, can have a single processor for both systems, if using Global Payments Integrated.

*may not be available to some higher-risk industries.

Tokenization for Security

With the Global Payments Integrated solution, all credit card numbers are tokenized for a security level even greater than encryption. Upon implementation for existing customers with an OMS full of credit card numbers, there is a specific step during implementation to check a box that will tell the system to "Tokenize all Stored Cards". For merchants new to Nexternal and Global Payments Integrated, if cards are populated into Nexternal after Global Payments Integrated integration, the cards will automatically tokenize when uploaded. When tokenized, the merchant will continue to see the card type, the last 4 digits, and the expiration date in the OMS for easy reference.

Decline Minimizer to Decrease Effort and Increase Revenue

Decline Minimizer functionality is included by Global Payments Integrated for Nexternal merchants at no extra charge. It automatically updates VISA and Mastercard expiration dates and account numbers, which reduces the amount of time that club administrators or subscription processors need to spend chasing down credit card updates, and increases revenue by reducing the number of credit card declines resulting from club runs and subscription processing.

When a credit card is entered into the OMS, it is instantly converted to a token and that token appears in the OMS and is stored in the Global Payments Integrated Token Vault (the "Vault"). When a VISA or Mastercard expires or is replaced by the cardholder, it is automatically updated in the Global Payments Integrated Vault (into which the merchant has no visibility). Therefore, please note that a card that might be updated in the Global Payments Integrated Vault, may still appear to be expired in the OMS, because it will not be updated in the OMS until the next time the merchant attempts to charge the tokenized card through the OMS. At the time the merchant attempts the charge in the OMS, the Vault will be consulted and will allow a successful authorization (because the updated info is already in the Vault). After a transaction runs against the updated token in the Vault, Global Payments Integrated then automatically updates the card data (last 4 digits and expiration date) in the OMS.

Accept ACH Payments

ACH payments are set up in your Order Management System (OMS) in Settings / Billing Options / ACH. To enable ACH Payments, you must create an ACH account with Global Payments Integrated. For more information regarding ACH payments please see this article.

Other Benefits to Using Global Payments Integrated (in addition to Tokenization Security & Decline Minimizer)

  • Save Money: Global Payments Integrated will likely beat your current merchant account provider’s pricing, so you’ll save money on every sale.

  • Less Hassle: Global Payments Integrated is both the payment processor and the gateway, so you would need only this one vendor instead of a separate processor and gateway.

  • Easier Reconciliation: Global Payments Integrated can be used in both the OMS and Truecommerce/Nexternal's Engage Point of Sale system, so you would need only a single payment processor for both systems.

  • Customer Service: Global Payments Integrated provides excellent customer service for our merchants. When you need help, good service makes all the difference in the world.

  • Help with Questionnaires: Remember those ugly annual questionnaires you have to fill out for your payment processor? Global Payments Integrated fills them out almost entirely for you and provides assistance to you to fill out the part that requires your attention. (This is huge!)

To Inquire

Please contact your Implementation Specialist if you are setting up your Nexternal store, or, if you are already live please contact Support as directed at the top of the Settings section in your OMS. You will need to go through a Nexternal contact in order to receive Decline Minimizer for free and to ensure you are working with contacts knowledgeable about the Nexternal/Global Payments Integrated integration.

Further, it is strongly recommended that you ensure that a Nexternal representative is on the call during which a Global Payments Integrated implementation specialist works with you to hook up the integration in the OMS.

For Engage Point of Sale Users who Use Global Payments Integrated

Set up the Walker Bluetooth Card Reader for use with Global Payments Integrated Processor for Engage POS with this Walker Bluetooth Set-Up Guide.

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