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What is FedEx One Rate? Learn more.

OneRate is the rating method that would be applied by FedEx (through our integration) to your offered FedEx Express shipping methods if you configure Nexternal properly in Settings / Compatible Software. (You may also need to be set up for One Rate in your FedEx account, so please check with your FedEx rep.) Accordingly, One Rate is not an option that would show up to your customers in your online store as a shipping method choice, and it is not a shipping method that would be listed in the OMS shipping method settings.

If you have One Rate turned on and you are offering FedEx Express methods (for example 2-day, Saver, Overnight), customers can still see and choose from those options, but the RATE will be the One Rate for whichever Package you say will be used for that order. The rate still varies depending on the distance the box is traveling, but the weight doesn't matter. It's more like, "if it fits, it ships".

So if you ship a lot of small-ish but heavy things, this rating method could reduce shipping rates. If you don't ship a lot of heavy packages, we're not sure how much this rating method will save you - you can explore that with your FedEx rep. Look here for information relating to One Rate rates and packaging.

To apply One Rate rates in Nexternal to your offered FedEx Express shipping methods options - first, in Settings / Compatible Software / Online Shipping Tools Preferences / General Options, set up the number of packages, your package Distribution and Package Basis (the ? Tooltips in this section will guide you).

Then scroll down the page to the FedEx Shipping section, and check the box (on the right) for FedEx One Rate to turn it on. Then click Next at the bottom of the page.

On page two - you will need to set up your different packages at the weight or quantity breaks you desire, enter the package dimensions and click the blue packaging link next to each to select the packaging that will be used for each shipping method.*see notes


  1. For the Express options, for OneRate to apply, you must select FedEx packaging and cannot use your own packaging.

  2. Envelopes must weigh less than 10 lbs., and FedEx boxes, paks, or tubes must weigh less than 50 lbs, for One Rate rates to apply.

  3. For One Rate you'll also need to ensure that you have weights entered on all of your products so the system can calculate the weight of the package.

rev: 1/4/21

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