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The TrueCommerce/Nexternal platform offers a built-in CRM system (no extra charge), and also integrates with Salesforce (fees apply).

Built-In CRM Solution

To learn about the built-in CRM system, please watch this 2.5-minute video:

Salesforce CRM Integration

Commerce Connector is a Salesforce add-in application for exporting Nexternal orders with Order Status of Shipped or Sent to your Salesforce account. Customer information is mapped to the Salesforce Account object, and orders are mapped as Salesforce Opportunities, detailing product and shipping address information for each Line Item. Commerce Connector enables Salesforce users to view an Account and see all information pertaining to the customer, including order history, which products were ordered, and any related customer activity.

A Salesforce account is required before you can install this add-in from the Salesforce AppExchange. Links to sign up for a free trial of Salesforce, and to install Commerce Connector into your Salesforce account, are provided for your convenience in Settings / Compatible Software - Edit / Salesforce Commerce Connector.

Salesforce CRM Notes:

1. Orders from multiple Nexternal storefronts can be exported into a single Salesforce account.

2. The Order Management System user account used by Commerce Connector must have Administrator or Editor access, and have a User Name and Password of 15 characters or less.

3. There is a $2,400 annual fee for use of this add-in.

To see a demo of the Salesforce integration, please view the following video. If you're short on time, start watching at minute 16:03.

If you are activating the Salesforce integration, you may download the Salesforce/Nexternal Commerce Connector Configuration Guide.

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