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The Enhanced Email functionality in the Nexternal Order Management System (OMS) can be activated at (Layout / Enhanced Email Layout). This feature is automatically activated in all OMS's (including free trials) that were created on or after 9/23/20 ("Newer Clients"). The feature must be activated manually in all OMS's (and free trials) that were created prior to 9/23/20 ("Legacy Clients").

You can customize your order confirmation emails, pending order emails, order ready emails, order shipment emails, order cancellation emails, order update emails, gift certificate emails, and all order-related emails among Purchasing Group members and masters, using the Enhanced Email functionality in Nexternal. We strongly recommend that all Legacy Clients activate this functionality immediately. Any Nexternal user with either an Administrator or Layout user access level can activate Enhanced Email and customize these emails.

The 28-minute video below presents the feature and its benefits, as well as directions for activation and email customization.

We recommend that Legacy Clients watch the video from the beginning to learn about the feature and how it relates to the functionality you are already using, get directions to activate, and get directions to customize emails.

Newer Clients, for whom the feature is already activated, may watch the video starting at minute 3:43 to get directions to customize emails.

rev: 1/27/21

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