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Offering Subscriptions as Pending Orders in the Nexternal platform will give your customers the ability to personalize and manage their subscription preferences for each shipment at their convenience. When subscription orders are pending orders, customers can change their next order date, add additional items to their subscriptions, adjust the frequency of their subscription orders, and adjust the quantity of items they receive in their auto-ship orders.

To activate Subscriptions as Pending Orders, simply visit the Subscriptions section of your Order Management System. Click on the Preferences button at the top, then check the ‘Auto Pending’ checkbox at the bottom of the first column. The Auto Pending’ option determines whether or not the subscription’s next scheduled order is placed as a pending order. If you choose to use Auto Pending, you must use Auto Activate Interval, which automatically activates a Pending Order provided no intervening status change (such as cancellation) occurs. Read the ? tooltip for each field to make decisions about set up.

Once you have set up your subscription preferences, visit Orders / Preferences (blue button at the top) to make sure the “Allow Edit” box (under the description field) is checked in the “Pending Order Preferences" section. Additionally, you may elect to use the Subscription Pending Order E-Mail Addendum (Settings / Edit Policies, Addenda, and Disclaimers), which appears on emails that are the result of scheduled Subscriptions, to notify customers of the time frame they have to customize their upcoming subscription order.

rev: 01/04/21

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