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Nexternal: Set up Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
Nexternal: Set up Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
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Product: Nexternal

Integration with Google Analytics' Enhanced Ecommerce Plug-in enables a range of interactions to be tracked, including product impressions, product clicks, add to carts, and progress through the checkout process. You may activate the plugin by visiting Settings / Policies, Addenda and Disclaimers / Tracking Code and entering your Analytics account number.

The Enhanced Ecommerce plugin is not available to clients using a legacy version of analytics. You must use the current .js version.

You will also need to activate Ecommerce tracking from within the Google Analytics portal to take advantage of the Enhanced ECommerce Data. Instructions for activating Ecommerce Tracking may be found at Ecommerce Tracking Setup .

Four trackable checkout funnel steps were built into the integration:

1) The Login Page,

2) The New Customer Register Page,

3) The Ship-to/Bill-to Page, and

4) The Final Invoice Page.

These steps may not be altered, but may be identified and labeled for your account via the analytics portal (see the Checkout Funnel Configuration section of this page Enhanced Ecommerce Setup)

rev: 1/5/21

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