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Nexternal: Customer Self-Serve Password Reset or Send Your Customer Their Password
Nexternal: Customer Self-Serve Password Reset or Send Your Customer Their Password

Learn about how customers can reset their own passwords, and how you can send customer passwords to them.

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Customer Self-Serve Password Reset

Whether your store is password protected or accessible by the public, a login is or may be necessary at some point, and if your customers have an account they may forget their password. If they do forget their password, they can click through the simple "forgot password" process to quickly get in and check out, without having to reach out to you for assistance.

On the login page, immediately below the login button is a prompt for those who forget their passwords. In most cases it looks something like this:

Once they click through, they will get a popup with a security captcha, which requires them to verify their email:

Upon entering the correct information they will receive an email* that will require them to click through to a simple page on which they can change their password:

*Important: to ensure email delivery from the TrueCommerce Nexternal servers, please see this article.

Once they click submit, their customer record is automatically updated with the new password and they are automatically logged in to the store (password protected or open to the public) from which they clicked the forgot password prompt.

Send a Customer Password Reminder

If a customer fails to notice the forgot password prompt on the login page of your store, or they choose not to reset their password on their own, they may give you a call. You cannot view your customers' passwords in your order management system (OMS) because they are encrypted, but you can send the password to them. Simply navigate to Customers, click on the last name of the customer whose password you want to send, and click on the small yellow envelope icon next to the password. This will send the customer their password via email.

For a walk-through of this process, we recommend the Guided Tutorial called "Send a Password Reminder to your Customer". (Guided Tutorials are accessed separately from the Support Center in Foundry, through the link to Guided Tutorials in the system navigation. In the legacy standalone version of Nexternal they can be accessed through the Guided Tutorials link in the left navigation.)

When customers call, be sure to tell them about the self-serve "forgot password" function on the login page, to minimize your administrative phone time.

rev: 2/15/23

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