Product: Transaction Manager

Before exporting, make sure that Option 1 is selected under Integration Settings.

To Export a transaction to your business system from Transaction Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Inbox. Select the transaction.

  2. Select Export.

  3. Any exported POs will then be moved to your Received folder.

I'm being prompted to download the integration Service.

You may need to go to the Start Menu on the computer, search for "services.msc", locate "Transaction Manager Integration Service" and hit "Start".

Otherwise, check out this article for additional help.

Need to reprocess a PO?

If you need to reprocess a Purchase Order, you'll likely need to move the PO from your Received folder back to your Inbox:

  1. Select the PO in your Received Folder.

  2. Click Options in the Action Bar and select Move to Inbox.

Note: For step-by-step guidance, click the Help (?) icon in the Action Bar, select Guided Tutorials, and search for and select "How to Move Transaction to Inbox".

Additional Documentation and Resources:

For more information on exporting and other integration related topics, check out the Integration Basics section of TrueCommerce University, as well as integration and export related tutorials in the Guided Tutorials section of Foundry.

Interested in adding the Export and/or Import functionalities to your business process? Contact your Account Manager or TrueCommerce Support!

rev: 9/13/21

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