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Are you needing to setup with a warehouse or 3PL? TrueCommerce can help!

TrueCommerce supports the integration of the 940 and the 945 transactions. We also have a number of warehouses and 3PLs already set up on our network.

What are the 940 and 945 transactions used for?

The 940, or Warehouse Shipping Order, is used by a seller to authorize a warehouse to ship an order. This transaction instructs a warehouse what to ship, as well as when and where to ship it.

The 945, or Warehouse Shipping Advice, is sent in response to the 940 Warehouse Shipping Order. The 945 is sent to confirm a shipment.

So what do you need to do?

You can reach out to your Account Manager directly to begin the setup process. Don't know your Account Manager's information? Simply ask Support to submit a task to have your Account Manger contact you.

Not sure who your Account Manager is? The article below will show you how to find out who your Account Manager is within the Account Management Portal in Foundry:

AMP: Account Manager

What information do I need to provide?

Provide any details you have! This includes:

  • the transactions to be included in the relationship (i.e. 850, 940, 945, 856).

  • the name of the warehouse/3PL

  • the EDI ID of the warehouse/3PL

  • contact information for the warehouse/3PL

Feel free to ask any questions or provide any additional details associated with your setup!

We are doing 3PL work for another company. What do we need to do?

First, you'll need to own the relationship in Transaction Manager for this business connection. If you don't own it yet, contact your Account Manager to get started. Provide any details as possible regarding the relationship (i.e. Will they be sending the 940 to you? Will you be required to send a 945 in return?). If this is a new setup, you'll work with an assigned Implementation Specialist to help you through the process.

rev: 7/30/21

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