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Configure Print Station

Menu > Pack & Ship > Configuration > User Preferences > My Preferences.
Navigate to the User Preferences Screen.

Look in the Printer settings section. If you haven’t already installed the printer service, click download. If you’re not sure whether you’ve installed the service, open task manager and click the services tab. Look for a service called Foundry Platform Print Station. If the service is listed, you may skip this step.

The wizard will open with a greeting. Click next.

Review the end user license agreement and check the box to accept the terms. Then click next.

You may leave the file path as default and click next.

Click Install.

Click Finish.

Print station registration form will open automatically after successful first time install. To open the form manually navigate to file > local file directory ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\HighJump\Foundry Platform Print Station\Management’, right click the application ‘Accellos.Printing.PrintStationAdmin.exe’, and select ‘Run as Admin’. Enter the below info into the print station registration form (See step 2 for tenant id location):

Check the ‘SSL’ checkbox.
Platform username: <enter your administrator username>
Platform password:  <enter your administrator password>
Tenant: Click here for instructions on how to find your tenant

Check ALL printers in the printer selection box that will be registered for use in Foundry to print labels or reports and click Register.

Navigate back to the user preferences screen and click the refresh button.

The print station and printer selections are configurable per each Foundry user. Each Foundry user profile will need to select a print station and printer(s). 

The following steps must be completed by each user. If the user interacts with multiple workstations, these settings must be configured for each workstation that user wishes to print from. 

Select the PC name that is hosting the printer(s) to be used from the Print Station dropdown.

Select the printer that will be used for label printing from the label printer dropdown. This is the printer that was registered during the previous steps.

Select the printer that will be used for report printing from the Report Printer Dropdown. 

Click Save.

Find Your Tenant

Click here for instructions.

Additional Resources:

Click here for information about recommended printers that may be used within Pack & Ship.

Click here for guidance on configuring a printer so your labels print correctly.

rev: 3/2/22

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