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Whether you’re Testing or in Production, sometimes you may need to review the raw EDI data, or your Trading Partner may request to see the raw EDI data to troubleshoot an issue. While you can always contact TrueCommerce for help, you have the ability to access the raw data on your own!

Need to search for a data segment and/or element within a transaction in Transaction Manager? Check out this article!

Access data in Transaction Manager

Access data in the Customer Center

Access data in the Account Management Portal

To access the data in Transaction Manager:

Within Transaction Manager, locate the transaction that needs to be reviewed. Click View in the Action Bar, and select Raw EDI.

Before sending the data...

The raw EDI view of an outgoing transaction is not identical to the data your partner receives once a transaction is processed through the TrueCommerce network. Take note of the TC segments in the sample below. These segments are present because this data is not translated, and therefore, should be removed prior to sending to your partner. This can be done by simply copying and pasting the data into Word and deleting the TC segments.



To access the data in the Customer Center:

Please be aware that throughout 2021, there will be a slow rollout to the Account Management Portal, which will replace the Customer Center. You can still access and utilize the Customer Center in the meantime. TrueCommerce will formally announce when the Customer Center will be retired. Learn more about AMP here!

After logging into the Customer Center, click Review Transactions. Locate the transaction(s) in question, click Out Data and send this data to your Trading Partner.

For a demonstration, check out the Accessing Raw Data video in the X12 EDI section of TrueCommerce University.

To access data in AMP:

  1. Click the Navigation Menu icon in the upper left hand corner of Foundry, and select Account Management in the flyout menu.

  2. Select Transaction History.

  3. Select the transaction from the list.

  4. In the Action Bar, click Actions and select View Out Data.

rev: 8/3/21

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